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  • Lightweight carry on mobile closet suitcase with 4 swivel wheels and extendable handle.  Shown in Mineral Red.
  • Lightweight carry on size mobile closet suitcase with 4 swivel wheels and extendable handle.
  • Perfect for jet setters, it combines a wardrobe layout with a cantilevered shelf and compartment system that keeps clothing organized and accessible.
  • Feature by feature in MOVE Mobile Closet suitcase.
  • MOVE easily fits a 3-4 day woman's wardrobe.
  • Garment section in MOVE suitcase for suits and dresses.
  • Perfect for jet setters, this carry on combines a wardrobe layout with a cantilevered shelf and compartment system that keeps your clothing organized, accessible, and off the floor.
  • The interior zips-out to become a separate shoulder tote creating, doubling your packing capacity and creating two carry-ons in one.
  • Every design and construction detail has been carefully crafted and executed.
  • Carry on mobile closet suitcase with 4 swivel wheels and extendable handle.  Shown in Brilliant Black.
  • 21" carry-on size for international travel (21W x 14.5H x 9D"/ 54 x 37 x 23)
  • At your destination, simply hang your MOVE suitcase in a closet or on a hook and your clothes are always at arm's reach and off the floor.
  • Garment section in MOVE neatly fits 2 men's suits and 2 shirts.
  • Removable shoe/laundry bag for washing.  Removable toiletries pocket eliminates the need to unpack items.
  • MOVE is two carry ons in one.  The entire wardrobe system zips-out to become a shoulder tote leaving the shell empty for packing more clothes, gifts, etc.
  • MOVE carry on mobile closet suitcase with 4 swivel and extendable handle.
  • 100% Pure Polycarbonate (same material used in making bullet proof glass) makes MOVE very light and durable.

MOVE Mobile Closet 2

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Don't unpack.  Just hang.

This gorgeous international carry-on size rolling suitcase serves as your complete mobile wardrobe.  At your hotel, just hang the open suitcase in the closet and its innovative shelf and compartment system keeps your clothing ultra-organized and accessible at arm's reach. Its clever design and specially curved contour fits an unbelievable amount of contents yet easily fits into overhead cabin space.

Everything has its place.

Perfect for jet setters, the cantilevered shelf system neatly stores shirts, pants, skirts and more.  There are dedicated pockets for undergarments, ties, and accessories.  The toiletry bag smartly zips-off so you can just bring it to that room without unpacking it. The shoe-pocket fits two pairs and also zips-off so it can be washed.   MOVE even has a separate garment section to neatly hang suits and dresses.  

2 carry-ons in one.

The entire wardrobe system ingeniously zips-out to become a separate shoulder tote leaving the shell empty for packing spontaneous purchases, souvenirs and more.  One customer adoringly called it 'the Shopping Spree section."  This patented feature nearly doubles the capacity of the suitcase in just seconds and gives you two carry-ons in one.

Details that matter

A 4-stage telescopic handle and four 360° swivel wheels make MOVE extremely nimble and maneuverable in the narrowest of airplane aisles and in the most 'boutique' of hotels.  The lightweight and durable shell is created using German-made 100% Pure Polycarbonate resins, the same material used to make bullet proof glass.  The exterior water-proof zipper keeps your wardrobe dry in the rain. 

MOVE truly brings new meaning to the words “living out of a suitcase,” and has quickly become a favorite accessory of business travelers, professionals, and celebrities.  

  • It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to travel. - Emmy-winner Pat O’Brien 
  • For someone who travels a lot, this is a life saver. - NBC TV
  • The design is brilliant.  It is by far the best suitcase. - The Fray's Jeremy McCoy

Feature List:

  • 21" international carry-on size suitcase (21 x 14.5 x 9" WHD /  51 x 37 x 23 cm) 
  • 2 cantilevered and adjustable shelves keep clothing neat and accessible
  • Garment section with loop neatly hangs suits and dresses
  • Entire packing system zips-out of the shell to become a separate tote doubling the capacity 
  • Removable shoe/laundry bag for washing
  • Removable toiletries pocket eliminates the need to unpack items
  • 2 mesh accessories pockets for phone chargers, clutches, etc
  • 4 spinner wheels made of injection-molded polyurethane for fluid & quiet movement in any direction
  • 100% virgin German-made resin in the polycarbonate shell makes it lightweight and extra durable
  • Quick-action 4-stage telescoping handle made from high-grade extruded aluminum
  • Ballistic nylon exterior bottom made from 1080 denier high-tenacity yarns for extra high abrasion resistance
  • Nylon interior in 200 x 200 denier (a measure of fiber density) provides a soft touch yet high-tear strength
  • Nylon storage/protective cover fits like a glove to the unique shape of MOVE
  • Lightweight 8.3lbs/3.7kg (shell 6.4lb, zip-out tote 2.2lb)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping both ways in US & EU
  • 30-day Return
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Product Reviews

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  1. I'm a very happy traveler with the MOVE!

    Posted by Melinda on 27th Jul 2013

    My work requires me to fly internationally 75,000-100,000 miles a year and the MOVE Mobile Closet makes my travel a breeze! I always carry this on board with me, packed with everything I need. I can fit 2 weeks worth of clothes, toiletries, shoes in this brilliantly designed suitcase. And, for longer trips that require two suitcases, I bring the MOVE aboard filled with everything I need in case my other bag is lost (and we know how often that happens!). I recommend the MOVE all the time. It is truly my go-to bag!!

  2. very convenient

    Posted by Tam on 9th Jul 2013

    I have enjoyed my MOVE so much. It is the first bag I go to when travelling as it is the ultimate carryon

  3. MOVE was the MVP of our trip

    Posted by Sam Betesh, Sr. Producer at FOX Sports Radio on 8th Jul 2013

    On a recent vacation to Vancouver, my girlfriend and I traveled with our matching MOVE suitcases, mine in jet black, hers in the sleek red finish. Heads were turning at LAX from the moment we hopped out at the curb, all the way to our gate. We would love to take credit for the gawking but we had to admit it was the MOVE; especially when travelers at security asked us how we got "all of that" into that little bag. Plus the comfortable expandable handle, and swivel wheels, make the MOVE the easiest suitcase to maneuver through the airport, on the street, and all the way to your hotel room. And once you're there, just zip it out and hang it up. The MOVE was truly the MVP of our international getaway.

  4. Beyond the best luggage ever for frequent travelers!

    Posted by Terri on 8th Jul 2013

    I have just completed my first three trips with the MOVE Mobile Closet. Trip #1 was London. Easily fit 5 days worth of clothes in it and rolled it effortlessly from the train to the subway and up the street to my hotel. I stay in a great hotel in London but no real closet space so I was able to hang this bag up and keep my clothes organized. Trips 2 and 3 were to Washington and I needed professional clothes, 2 pairs of shoes, etc. once again a great success for keeping blazers and nicer clothes intact while they are packed. And, since the size is so small the bag fits into the overhead, a huge improvement and timesaver over my traditional Samsonite Spinner Garment Bag which simply cannot be a carry-on piece. Then I also was able to roll my way on to the Metro and the 7 blocks to my hotel. Great space, very easy to roll, fits in the overhead compartment. It is a must-have for a frequently business traveler and an excellent choice to keep you organized on your pleasure trips.

  5. By far the best suitcase

    Posted by Jeremy McCoy, Bass player, The Fray on 4th Mar 2013

    As a professional Bass player, I spend many of my days traveling. When I am touring with bands such as OneRepublic, Kelly Clarkson, Mat Kearney and the Fray, a great suitcase is key to keeping my life organized. I love the MOVE with all its compartments, the design is brilliant. The hard shell allows me to keep sensitive gear and electronics safe and the wheels are simply amazing. The name speaks for itself..It is by far the best suitcase to race through an airport with.

  6. Unparalleled in its field

    Posted by Cathy from Minnesota on 21st Feb 2013

    I recently took a two week trip using my mobile closet as the only suitcase. I traveled with a girlfriend, who was returning home after one week. She came with an oversized, overweight bag. As we got ready each day, she would repeatedly look at me with jaw-dropping astonishment. "I can't BELIEVE you were able to get all those clothes in that little bag!" Not only was I able to get it all in, it was extremely organized and completely accessorized. This bag is unparalleled in its field. I recommend it highly!

  7. Best Suit Case EVER!!!!!!

    Posted by Toya on 20th Feb 2013

    I totally love this product, I can put in so much more in my max mirani suitcase, than I have been able to in all the regular carry-on's that i have ever used. i will recommend this to anybody because its stylish and very organised. I LOVE IT!!! My MOVE mobile closet had been to Africa and survived. That is a great product right there.

  8. Better than advertized

    Posted by Mary on 12th Feb 2013

    This is the best and "smartest" suitcase I have ever owned. I recently took it for a weekend away. When I got to my destination, no need to unpack, just opened the suitcase and hung it in the closet. When it was time to leave, no need to pack..I had put my clothes away every day in the suitcase...my room was neater..and all I had to do before leaving was close the suitcase. It totally changes the meaning of "living out of a suitcase! It is light weight and easy to handle. The only suitcase you will ever need.

  9. A masterpiece

    Posted by Alisa T on 11th Feb 2013

    My college and post college girls wanted to do Europe fast and light last summer. I was honored to be invited. I knew the only piece of luggage I could possibly take to fit all of "my stuff" in was the Max Mirani MOVE I bought for my husband last Christmas. (Yes, I felt guilty taking it on it's first "big trip".)

    I wrapped it in multi-colored duct tape trying hide the fact it was such a nice piece of luggage laying unattended in a youth hostel. It didn't work. Even incognito it looked adorable. There was just enough room for everything.

    Our group of five women landed stateside into Dublin, Ireland. Then hopped a puddle jumper to Bordeaux, France. We rented a car, drove through the wine country speaking bad French and miming our way into understanding. My Move took up less space than any other piece of luggage in our car. We crossed the Pyrnee Mountains and dipped into Spain, just south of Barcelona. Next drive was up the coast to Nice, France then through Italy to Verona, Venice, Bologne and thanks to a navigational error, Chiusi. (Florence, we sadly passed in the dark) We were in Rome for four days before we turned in the car at the airport and flew back to Dublin before heading back home.

    My luggage took me from raincoat and long skirt weather to bathing suit and cover up. Then from youth hostels to three star hotels. My luggage was perfect everywhere. On the way home I unzipped it and had room for all the souveniers I'd bought everyone. With the sturdy shell the two nice bottles of wine I bought for my husband didn't break. What a trip, what memories, what a great piece of luggage!

    It was so freeing not lugging oversize luggage across Europe like I did the last time I went and yes, I was dressed cute!

    I'm just writing to ask you to tell whoever designed this little masterpiece how much I appreciate their efforts. It's my favorite piece of luggage, large or small and now it's part of one of my favorite memories.

  10. The PERFECT travel companion

    Posted by Brian on 1st Feb 2013

    I've had my MOVE for a few months now and have used it on numerous business trips already, and I have to say it's made traveling so much easier. It's the smoothest piece of travel luggage I've ever owned - it feels like it just glides when walking with it. No issues on the plane as it easily fits in the overhead. You're able to pack more than you might think the sleek design would allow, and the compartments and tiered shelving system makes unpacking a thing of the past. If you don't have one yet you don't know what you're missing!

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